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French Video Resources
Choose a topic to view a video to test your knowledge of French grammar and vocabulary.

Talk French
A lively video introduction to speaking French that brings the language to life.

Investigate a Murder - in French!
Help Inspector Duflair solve a murder by working through a series of reading and listening tasks where you can choose from four levels of difficulty.

Chez Mimi
Plenty of activities to test and improve your French language skills at Chez Mimi.

French Steps
An online course for beginners where you can learn practical spoken French in just 24 manageable steps.

BBC: Primary French
Bonjour! Skate into fluent French with Roller and his mates.

BBC: French
Explore the French language and culture and test your vocabulary.

Bonjour de France
French language learning courtesy of the French embassy. Suitable for all levels. French Language
Over 1000 fascinating pages of easy to find information on the French language.

French Language Course
Basic French on the WWW.

Le Monde
Today's newspaper direct from France.

GCSE Bitesize - French
French revision exercises from the BBC.

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