Steam Trains On The Line

Steam trials took place on the Mumbles Railway between 1878 and 1885 and also between 1892 and 1896.
The pictures show early steam trains. The right picture is a "Hughes Patent Steam Locomotive" which looks like a small carriage.

The picture on the left shows a Mumbles Train being pulled by a "Dickson Steam Locomotive".

Dickson Steam Locomotive
Hughes Patent Steam Locomotive

Did you know that the name of the Hughes locomotive was 'Pioneer'? It weighed 4¾ tons and was 13 feet long. It was worked by two cylinders and could be driven from either end.

It could stop within its own length when travelling at the Government's speed limit of 8 mph (miles per hour).

These are pictures of steam locomotives that pulled the Mumbles Train. The photograph on the left shows a steam locomotive that was used on the Mumbles Railway in 1881. The locomotive on the right was used on the line between 1892 and 1929.

Steam locomotive used in 1881
Steam locomotive used between 1892 and 1929

What are the differences between these locomotives?

Did you know that three of the Mumbles Railway steam trains were given names?
They were called 'Crumlyn', 'Swansea' and 'Hampshire'.