1542: Birth of Mary Queen of Scots

Mary of Guise
  Mary is born six days before the death of her father, James V. Her mother, Mary of Guise, acts as Regent.
    1547: Death of Henry VIII

Henry VIII
  Henry dies having failed to arrange a marriage between Mary and Edward VI.
    1548: Mary goes to France

  Mary of Guise arranges for Mary to live at the French court. She is betrothed to Francis, heir to the French throne.
    1558: Marriage of Mary and Francis

Young Mary
  The marriage took place at Notre Dame in Paris. Mary was fifteen years old.
    1558: Elizabeth I becomes Queen of England

Elizabeth I
  Mary's father-in-law, Henry II, claims that Elizabeth is illegitimate and that Mary is the rightful Queen of England.
    1559: Death of Henry II of France

Francis II
  Francis becomes Francis II of France. Mary is now Queen of Scotland and France.