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spanish. language&culture
Plenty of online exercises to practice your Spanish - from adjectives to vocabulary.

Spanish Video Resources
Choose a topic to view a video to test your knowledge of Spanish grammar and vocabulary.

Espanol Extra
A huge range of interactive exercises, educational games and printable resources to test and improve your Spanish language skills.

Spanish Steps
An online course for beginners where you can learn practical spoken Spanish in just 24 manageable steps.

BBC: Primary Spanish
Learn Spanish words and phrases and practise them online. Ole!

BBC: Spanish
Explore the Spanish language and culture and test your vocabulary.

GCSE Bitesize - Spanish
Revision exercises from the BBC. Spanish Language
Another information-packed language resource from

Study Spanish
Whether you are a student or teacher, you'll find lots of information here including the free online tutorial which covers written and oral exercises.

El Pais Digital
Today's news from the Spanish newspaper.

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