Microsoft Excel - Intermediate Level

Exploring the use of:

The first three topics will be covered through the use of spreadsheets for a fictitious book publishing company called Baglan Books, using Excel to list stock, display specific data and create invoices. (Baglan Books Spreadsheet)

The pupil task sheet uses a spreadsheet which has been set up as a Maths Quiz. It demonstrates the use of nested IF functions and Data Validation. (Maths Quiz Spreadsheet)

Filling cells with data and displaying large values in cells is covered in a Science Spreadsheet, based on the Solar System. (Science Spreadsheet)

Form Controls can make your spreadsheets more interactive by using Option Buttons, Spinners and Combo Boxes. (Form Controls).
An example Spreadsheet using Form Controls to change graphs in real time can be downloaded from here.

Some ideas for using Excel across the curriculum can be found here. (Word Doc)

Use the links above to access the notes.