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Propaganda Posters   

This web site has been created to develop links between schools, and make History accessible to pupils of all abilities by creating stimulating activities.

The site contains examples of propaganda posters used by different countries during World War I.  They are organized into galleries for you to view and are accompanied by pupil's responses to them. They cover a range of categories, and countries, and can be used in conjunction with the resources available on this site.

What is propaganda? 
Propaganda is publicity designed by the government to influence peoples' opinions. This is achieved by exaggerating, lying or telling half the truth. Governments around the world use propaganda for a variety of purposes during war.
This site focuses on four themes:
The Home Front - posters which concentrate on boosting morale at home.
Recruitment - posters which encourage people to join the army.
Mocking The Enemy - posters which make fun of the enemy.
The Glory Of War - posters which make war seem heroic and exciting.

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