The Orangery ...

Margam Orangery is the longest Orangery in the British Isles and the finest examples of late c18th century architecture in South Wales. It was built between 1787-90 to house a collection of orange, lemon and other citrus trees and to display statuary collected by Thomas Mansel Talbot, owner of the Margam estate, during his Grand Tour of Europe.


The Orangery remains the centrepiece of Margam gardens, and today serves as a venue for Weddings, receptions, conferences, concerts and antique fairs.


The Orangery gardens were laid out in the 1840’s shortly after the completion of Margam castle C.R.M Talbots gardens creating pleasure grounds dominated by evergreen trees and shrubs with dark green foliage. This area with its historic buildings is the park’s ‘honeypot’ the main focus for the leisure day visitor.

At its western end is Fairy Tale Land a scaled down nursery rhyme village, for several years the parks most popular attraction.