Where is Margam Park
How can we get to Margam Park
Why do visitors prefer to travel to the Park by car
What inconveniences would be experienced using public transport


How does tourism generate income..

Look at the models showing how the parks income is derived..

What has been the major change in income during the period 1993 -2000
What other areas have shown increases
What areas have remained static or shown decline
Can you suggest reasons for these changes

Look at Margam Park's advertising leaflet..

Which of the leaflet covers below best reflects the parks varied attractions
How would they appeal to and encourage groups of varying age to visit
Give reasons for your answer
Design a leaflet for margam park using materials in this website

Examine the maps and photographs of Margam Park..

What are the distinctive features of the parks landscape
What evidence is there of leisure recreation activities
How would you personally describe the park

Use the table below to rate quality of the environment..

Ugly           Beautiful
Boring           Interesting
Noisy           Quiet
Spoilt           Unspoilt
Polluted           Unpolluted
Dull           Varied
Dirty           Clean
Ordinary           Spectacular
Untidy           Tidy
Hostile           Welcoming
Total =            

In your own opinion what are the park's good and bad points