Digital DeskAntivirus Software: Guidance for Schools

Keeping Anti-Virus Software Up To Date
Recently viruses on computers have become more widespread. This has increased the necessity for all desktops and laptops to have up to date anti-virus software installed.

Baglan IT Centre has an Enterprise Licence from Symantec that allows all computers in the Directorate of Education, Leisure and Lifelong Learning to have Symantec’s Norton Anti-Virus software installed.

New viruses are detected daily so Symantec constantly update their software to include protection from these new viruses.

Baglan IT Centre automatically downloads any new updates supplied by Symantec. These are then automatically sent to all computers provided that they are switched on and connected to the network.

It is therefore recommended that all schools follow the guidelines outlined below. This will ensure that all schools are protected from contracting viruses by having the latest anti-virus software updates installed on all computers.

  1. It is recommended that desktops and laptops are connected to the network and switched on for at least two hours each week. This will enable each computer to receive the latest virus definitions (ie. update the software for any new viruses reported).

  2. All purchases of new desktops and laptops which the school intends to connect to the broadband network should be reported to the Baglan IT Helpdesk on 01639 779540. A BITC Technican will then call to the school to install the computer. This will make certain that the new computer has the latest version of anti-virus software and the latest definition installed.

  3. The most common way in which a computer contracts a virus is through the use of Internet at home. Therefore, if a member of staff takes a computer off the school site to be used on the Internet, it is essential that they are certain that that the computer is protected by the most up to date anti-virus protection.

    If the member of staff is not completely sure that that the latest anti-virus protection is installed on the computer they must not access the internet from home, or any point outside the school network. During the holiday periods computers are not connected to the school network therefore, the latest anti-virus software can not be installed, thus increasing the risk of contraction of viruses when accessing the Internet from home.

    If the Internet has been accessed from home and the computer has contracted a virus, when the computer is re-connected to the school network the virus may then spread throughout the whole school. This can cause a number of problems such as the network may slow or, at worst, come to a standstill, users may experience a loss of certain services and can also cause corruption of software programs.

  4. We recommend that you regularly browse either this web site or the Neath Port Talbot Intranet for any information with regard to viruses. These sites will have pages containing information on the viruses and virus protection. They will also display urgent messages containing information where emergency precautions have to be taken in order to update the anti-virus software.