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The Mumbles Railway The Mumbles Railway
Discover the history and development of the oldest passenger railway in the world.
Religion and the EnvironmentReligion and the Environment
An interactive presentation created by local teachers on world religions and environmental issues.
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REview Wales/AGweddau
A new publication that offers RE professionals quality, peer-reviewed articles to support religious education in the areas of research, curriculum development, religion, culture and resources. It is available in both English and Welsh and can be immediately downloaded in PDF format by clicking REview (English) or AGweddau (Cymraeg).

NPT Support Teams Guidance Manual
The objective of the Pupils Support Teams is to improve the outcomes for vulnerable children and young people so that they can achieve their full potential. Its core aims are to promote inclusion, keep children out of the criminal justice system and address community anti-social behaviour. The Support Teams Guidance Manual is available in PDF format and can be downloaded here.

User Requirements from the Secondary Admin Group
Documents in Word and PDF format are available for download in the Support Materials section.

NPTLG Learning Platform
Our vision for schools and learning establishments of the future lies within a connected learning community, consisting of a web of connections involving parents, local businesses, services and the wider world. Further information in PDF format is available for download here.

PSE Guidance Website Goes Live
Information and advice about PSE education in Wales is now just a click of a mouse away. DCELLS' Qualifications and Curriculum Group has developed a bilingual PSE guidance website to help teachers who promote broad, balanced PSE in schools and colleges across Wales. Find out more here.

Collective Worship in Schools
The Minister for Children, Education, Lifelong Learning and Skills recently launched a unique and innovative website for collective worship in schools. It supports schools in delivering their daily acts of collective worship by providing specially commissioned multimedia resources. You can visit the site by clicking here.

Health and Safety Documents
A wide variety of H&S forms, policies and procedures in PDF format are available for download in the Support Materials area.

Negotiated Transfer of Pupils
Mike Gibbon, Headteacher of Sandfields Comprehensive has added another document to the two form templates he created for the negotiated transfer of pupils for NASH and has kindly made them all available for other Secondary schools to use. All three forms are now available to download in Word format from the Support Materials section.

Incident Report Form
The Incident Report Form where faulty IT equipment can be reported to Baglan IT Centre online now has a new address. You can now view the Incident Report Form here.

Anti-Virus Guidance for Schools
Computer viruses have now become more widespread and this has increased the necessity for all desktop and laptop computers to have anti-virus siftware installed. You can view the Anti-Virus Guidance for Schools here or download the article in Word format from the Support Materials section.

GCSE ICT Applications
Helen Yewlett and staff at at YG Ystalyfera have created materials to aid revision for the ICT Applications section of the GCSE ICT examination. The files are in PDF format and also include two Powerpoint presentations and can be downloaded in the Support Materials section.

Internet Access and Security Settings for Portable Whiteboards
The portables issued as part of the Whiteboard Initiative are not by default part of the school network nor have Internet access. Instructions are available to download so users can connect to the Internet temporarily prior to the full integration of the portable into the school’s network. Also available are the instructions for security settings and password access to the portable whiteboards. Both documents are available in Word and PDF format in the Support Materials section.