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Advice and strategies from the Behaviour Support Team to encourage positive behaviour within our schools.
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Behaviour - Some Strategies
The Behaviour Support Team have created a web site to provide schools and teachers with some strategies to encourage positive behaviour within our schools.

Health and Safety Documents
A wide variety of H&S forms, policies and procedures in PDF format are available for download in the Support Materials area.

Home Access
Teachers and pupils can now access their school files and e-mail messages from home using Home Access.
Three Word documents relating to the use of this service can be downloaded from the Support Materials section under the title 'Outlook Web Access'.

Anti-Virus Guidance for Schools
Computer viruses have now become more widespread and this has increased the necessity for all desktop and laptop computers to have anti-virus siftware installed. You can view the Anti-Virus Guidance for Schools here or download the article in Word format from the Support Materials section.

The 'Clicker' Family of Products
These are probably some of the most useful packages available for children with a wide range of difficulties. Used simply, 'Clicker Grids' can support many literacy activities.

What is Clicker?
A Clicker grid can be used as an on-screen wordbank with speech. Each cell in the grid can hold a letter, word, phrase or picture. When you click on a cell in a Clicker grid, the text in the cell is usually sent into a word processor (or any other application you are using). Cells can also speak their text using the built-in software speech, and they can play sound samples too.

However, it can do much, much more! The grids can be linked together to create a wide range of activities - eg. a sequence for sentence building or your own 'talking stories'.

Are they easy to make?
With a little practice you can quickly learn to build your own words and phrases into the grids and build a valuable resource to be used over and over again. The Centre runs day courses each term to introduce staff to the package - why not enrol?

Clicker can be used with any pointing device (mouse or rollerball), but for those unable to control a mouse 'Switch Clicker Plus' enables easy access. When used this way it can be an invaluable way of supporting children with severe learning difficulties directly, or through the use of a program like 'Writing With Symbols' from Widget Software.