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Primary Short Courses at Baglan IT Centre The Mumbles Railway
Discover the history and development of the oldest passenger railway in the world
Created by local teachers, Mathsweb shows how to construct a range of shapes and how to use a compass and protractor.
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Advice and strategies from the Behaviour Support Team to encourage positive behaviour within our schools.
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Explores the potential for children to learn with, through and about ICT .
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Promoting and disseminating good practice.
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Teaching teachers good practice in ICT under the New Opportunities Fund.
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PSE Guidance Website Goes Live
Information and advice about PSE education in Wales is now just a click of a mouse away. DCELLS' Qualifications and Curriculum Group has developed a bilingual PSE guidance website to help teachers who promote broad, balanced PSE in schools and colleges across Wales. Find out more here.

Collective Worship in Schools
The Minister for Children, Education, Lifelong Learning and Skills recently launched a unique and innovative website for collective worship in schools. It supports schools in delivering their daily acts of collective worship by providing specially commissioned multimedia resources. You can visit the site by clicking here.

Health and Safety Documents
A wide variety of H&S forms, policies and procedures in PDF format are available for download in the Support Materials area.

Safe Surfing with the Primasy Links Whitelist
A list of web sites has been selected for children to use in school without needing an Internet password. If children try to link to any other sites a pop-up box will prompt them for a username and password so they will not be able to access other sites without permission. You can view the list of sites here.

Understanding IWB Software
An illustrated guide for ACTIV Primary software is now available for download in the PDF format from the Stockton Teaching Resources web site.

Anti-Virus Guidance for Schools
Computer viruses have now become more widespread and this has increased the necessity for all desktop and laptop computers to have anti-virus siftware installed. You can view the Anti-Virus Guidance for Schools here or download the article in Word format from the Support Materials section.

Recording Sheets for ICT
Recording Sheets for ICT Levels 1-5 which accompany the LEA Guidelines for ICT are now available for download in PDF format from the Support Materials section.

School ICT Policy Document
A template to set out your school's aims, principles and strategies for the delivery of ICT is now available for download in the Support Materials section.

SLA Documents for NPT Primary Schools
SLA documents detailing the provision of services to Primary Schools in the Neath Port Talbot area are now available for download from the Support Materials section.

A Guide to Whiteboards
The guide is produced by Wedgewood IT and available in PDF format. If you have Acrobat Reader installed on your system you can view the guide here. Acrobat Reader is available free to download from Adobe.