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UK Fossils
The UK Fossils network covers a large number of locations that are suitable for fossil collecting, complete with what fossils you can find and features thousands of geological and fossil photos.

Planet Under Pressure
With humanity demanding more from the Earth than ever before, BBC News explores the planet's most pressing environmental problems in a six-part series.

Tsunami: Magnitude of Terror
Discover the causes and effects of the massive tsunami triggered in December 2004 that claimed thousands of lives, and learn about the relief efforts created to help the afflicted countries.

Information and feature-packed site covering many destinations around the world.

All About Glaciers
Like great rivers of ice, glaciers have sculpted mountains and carved out valleys. Explore all aspects of glaciers including data and science, facts, a gallery and much more.

Sands of Time
The Sefton Coast is the largest dune area in England and is a coastline subject to natural change. Find out how the coast has changed in the past, what is happening today and some possible future conditions.

Geograph British Isles
A project that aims to collect geographic photographs and information for every square kilometre of the UK - and you can be part of it.

Climate Change
Our world and our climate is changing but what's really causing it? What does the future hold and can we change it? Explore one of the greatest challenges of our lives.

British Isles Geology Toolkit
Discover the secrets of the British Isles - how they formed and what they're made of.

The Disaster Area
Although disasters like floods, hurricanes, tsunamis and volcano eruptions aren't fun, learning about them is at this colourful site.

European Environmental Inequalities
Interactive case studies of the Rhine, Danube, Camargue and Costa Dorada, focussing on the environmental pressures and strategies to improve the areas in question.

Your Ocean
Find out why, wherever you live, the ocean is a part of your life.

We Are From...
What is life like in other European countries? Just click on the map to find out.

Blank Outline Maps of Countries of the World
A great resource of free blank outline maps, arranged alphabetically, of the countries and continents of the world which you can print out and use for projects.

Google Maps
Not just another map site. Zoom and drag your way around maps of the USA or UK and toggle between graphical maps or satellite photographs. Most of the UK is available as high resolution satellite images, and more areas will be introduced. This link will take you to a satellite image of the Swansea Bay and you can zoom in further to the streets of Swansea.

Geography Essentials
A colourful site full of resources that help explain geography concepts and skills.

Explore the landscape of Scotland and learn geographical terms and map skills with your friendly guide, Goggs.

Brush up your mapping skills with the help of Ordnance Survey.

The Mysterious Life of Caves
Toxic caverns teeming with strange life forms spark a radical new theory of how caves take shape.

Savage Earth
Explains how volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis shape our ever-changing planet.

Rivers and Coasts
What happens when rivers meet the sea?

National Statistics
UK's home of official statistics, reflecting Britain's economy, population and society at national and local level.

Peakware World Mountain Encyclopedia
The Web's premier mountain resource where you can explore the mountain ranges of the world.

GCSE Bitesize - Geography
Revision exercises from the BBC.

National Geographic Online Adventures
Superb documentaries covering wildlife, natural disasters, landscapes and geographic themes in a highly visual and entertaining way.

Dive and Discover
Dive thousands of metres to the bottom of the sea and explore towering underwater volcanoes, black smokers and the bizarre creatures that live there.

The Internet Geographer
Excellent directory of sites covering different aspects of geography. The links are rated and the site is searchable too.

The Greatest Places
Explore seven geographically diverse regions of the world in this stunning and informative site which offers an insight into the culture and customs of the different countries.

Find out how - and why - dams are built, and explore the impact a dam may have on a community.

An intensive look at the personalities, dangers, history, culture and lore surrounding the world's highest mountain.

Universal Currency Converter
Useful site for automatically converting currencies online.

How to Use a Compass
Kjetil Kjernsmo's illustrated guide on how to travel safely in unfamiliar terrain in a variety of circumstances - using a compass alone, in conjunction with a map, in foggy conditions and even without a compass.

Glaciers of the World
Satellite image atlas of glaciers of the world from USGS.

Volcano World
The Web's premier source of volcano information.