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Want to learn how to quickly square a number that ends in 5? Or how to tell if a number is divisible by 3? Or maybe you'd like to know why the number 153 in the Bible is such an interesting number? That's the kind of fun and fascinating math tricks and trivia you'll find at CuriousMath.

Offers students and teachers quick reference guides, practice and revision materials, video tutorials, workbooks and online practice exercises on many branches of mathematics.

Multimedia tutorials that demonstrate step-by-step how to understand algebra.

Rainforest Maths
A huge collection of interactive activities that make learning maths fun.

Mathematical Thinking
Numbers pervade the fabric of our lives: from the statistics quoted in newspaper articles to the probabilities we weigh in card games. Welcome to the world of mathematical thinking: a place of risk, possibility and mystery.

Five levels of interactive activities to improve your understanding of fractions.

Create a Graph
Graphs and charts are great because they communicate information visually. But if you are confused between bar graphs and pie charts this is the site for you!

Plus Magazine
An Internet magazine covering the practical applications of maths with articles, news, puzzles and reviews.

Maths Dictionary for Kids
An animated, interactive dictionary for pupils that explains over 500 common mathematical terms in simple language.

Math Playground
An action-packed site where you can practice your maths skills, play a logic game and have some fun.

Figure It Out
Love it or hate it, mathematics has an effect on all aspects of our lives. How can maths be used to explain the world around us?

Skillswise: Numbers
A great resource on improving your skills with numbers, shapes, fractions, decimals and handling data.

Maths Mansion
You are trapped in a Gothic mansion until you can successfully crack the interactive maths challenges.

Puzzle Maths
A range of puzzles providing practice in number, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, reason, shape and space.

The Web's most extensive mathematical resource, assembled over a decade by Internet encyclopedist Eric Weisstein.

A Web site for all mathematics activities in Wales.

GCSE Bitesize - Maths
Revision exercises from the BBC.

Count On
Count On is the continuation of Maths Year 2000 and will carry on the mission to popularise and promote maths for all.

Internet Mathematics Library
Just about everything you would need to know about the world of mathematics.

A multimedia presentation told with Tangrams - a resource for maths, numeracy and concept of shape and space.

NRICH Online Maths Club
For school students of all ages with an emphasis on mathematical activity - this site is for interaction, not just browsing!

Over a hundred maths worksheets, tests and puzzles to print out and use.

Type in your maths problem and receive an instant solution - and an explanation of how the solution was worked out.

Math in Daily Life
How do numbers affect everyday decisions?

The Geometry Machine
Generate 3D images of vectors, lines and planes.

The Grey Labyrinth
Site packed with mental puzzles and updated weekly.

Simple mathematic tricks.

Visual Calculus
A collection of modules to aid the study of calculus.

Graphics for the Calculus Classroom
First year calculus demonstrations.