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Join the cast of Extra online and practise your French, German and Spanish in an exciting series of progressive, interactive activities.

Alien Language
The aliens are on a mission to collect creatures from around the galaxy. Blast off and learn the parts of the body with them in French, German and Spanish in this fun online activity.

BBC Languages
A bit at a time, in your own time - multimedia tuition in a range of languages for the beginner, intermediate and beyond.

Channel 4 Modern Languages
How good is your French or German? Play some great games which will test your knowledge.

Babel Fish
Babel Fish can translate blocks of text, Web pages of your choice and e-mail messages into a range of European languages.

Free ICT training resources for language teachers divided into 16 modules.

Brings together information about the languages of the world. More than 2000 hand-picked links to the best language sites on the Net.

Quality links to sites covering all aspects of language learning for GCSE and A-Level language students.

MFL Games
From the creators of LinguaCentral, this site is dedicated to the fun side of learning French, Spanish and German.

Vocabulary Training Exercises
Take a pop quiz in French, German or Spanish similar to working with flashcards. You can also quiz yourself in specialised subjects.

Where Do Languages Come From?
The origins, histories and evolution of languages.

French and German Crosswords
Useful for revision or for use in school, these modern language crosswords can help with vocabulary skills as they are based around subjects such as school and the home.

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