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Race, racism and life - as seen through the eyes of the Britkids.

Teenage Health Freak
Get the answers to zillions of health questions, including those that you may be too shy to ask anyone else about.

Citizenship: Using Democracy
Designed to make you think a bit more about what it is to be a citizen, looking at laws, rules, making decisions and a whole lot more.

Fun and information-packed site where you can discover the effects of smoking, diet and exercise on your health.

If you've got worries or need some advice, Childline's achance2talk web site can help you find the solution to your problems.

Go Get It!
Use the fun quizzes and games to discover the skills you need to get the job you want.

Revision information on a range of subjects, teenage lifestyle issues and learning and career opportunities for students.

Bullying UK
Life can be a misery if you are being bullied at school and feel like you don't have any friends. You'll find help and advice here if you're having a hard time.

Citizen X
What does it mean to be a citizen? This site helps to explain exactly what that means for you!

It's My Life
Deals with life and the stuff we deal with every day. Whatever problem you're dealing with, chances are other kids and teens have gone through the same thing.
Age-appropriate information on nutrition and smoking, covering all ages - with resources and lesson plans for teachers. Also available in Welsh.

Health information in seperate areas for kids, teens and parents with thousands of in-depth articles, games and resources.

The definitive charity resource for secondary schools - includes adaptable lesson plans and time-saving tools.

Inside the Teenage Brain
What's going on in there? How science may help to explain the mysteries of the teen years.

School Councils UK
All the information you'll need for setting up and running an effective school council.

Youth Information
An excellent site directly aimed at young people eager to learn about their rights in such topics as education, employment, health and housing.

Institute for Citizenship
Aims to promote informed active citizenship and greater participation in democracy and society.

The Prince's Trust
The Trust helps young people develop confidence, learn new skills and get into work.