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Bible Wiki
The Bible Wiki is an on-going project to build a user-created free scholarly commentary to the entire text of the Christian Bible.

Sacred Places
An exploration of how and why places become invested with sacredness and how the sacred is embodied or made manifest through art and architecture.

Visions of Enlightenment: Understanding the Art of Buddhism
A multimedia exhibition that includes an interactive timeline, map and photo essays to convey the spirit of Buddhism.

Collective Worship
Provides ready-made Acts of Collective Worship which are supported by multimedia presentations. Busy teachers can download text and images which they can amend and customise if they so wish.

Sacred Stories
Animated stories from six different religions using images from the British Library.

People of Faith
Explore the rich diversity of the world's main religions from the viewpoint of individuals from each faith.

The Heart of Hinduism
How do Hindus see and respond to the world? What are their core beliefs? Heart of Hinduism explains the Hindu faith in clear terms.

Two thousand years after his death, Jesus remains one of the most influential people that ever lived. Explore his life, character, teachings and discover how he has been quoted, misquoted, worshipped and argued over.

The Vatican
Beautifully illustrated and information-packed site on the Vatican and Catholicism. Of particular note is the "Treasures of the Library" under the Vatican Library section.

Religions and Beliefs
An introduction to the world's major religions by the BBC World Service.

Church Gallery
The churches and cathedrals of Britain continue to fascinate and inspire - as the story of this country's past is imprinted in their stone and glass, ready to be discovered by anyone who cares to look.

The Hajj - Pilgrimage to Mecca
What's required physically, mentally and spiritually to prepare for the trip of a lifetime? Experience the pilgrimage to Mecca using the Virtual Hajj.

Peter and Paul and the Christian Revolution
Journey in Paul's footsteps around the greatest empire the world has ever known.

Faith and Reason
Explores the interaction between science and religion, both historically and today .

Martin Luther: The Reluctant Revolutionary
A great Protestant revolutionary whose belief in his faith would overthrow the all-powerful Catholic church and reshape medieval Europe.

Islam, Empire of Faith
Covers more than a thousand years of Islamic history and its impact on the world.

John Paul II: The Millennial Pope
An explanation of his character, beliefs and his fierce defiance and challenge to the modern world.

Catholic Online
Comprehensive and educational information about Catholicism with over five million pages of content including the largest online historical and biblical database about the Catholic church.

Ramadan on the Net
Ramadan is the ninth month of the Muslim calendar during which Muslims fast during the day. Features include the story of Ramadan and of Muhammad and the Holy Quran.

GCSE Bitesize - Religious Education
Revision exercises from the BBC.

BBC: Religion and Ethics
Useful reference from the BBC on the major religions in the UK today. Religion and Spirituality
Very comprehensive coverage of the world's religions.

Saints and Angels
The largest collection of facts and information regarding Saints and Angels on the Web.

Bible Basics
Fundamental information about the Bible - where it came from and an overview and history of the books it contains.

The evolution of apocalyptic belief and how it has shaped the Western world.

Devi: The Great Goddess
An exhibit on the Indian goddess Devi, including art depicting her, explanations of her various aspects and functions and a section of children's activities.

From Jesus to Christ
A visual guide to the new and controversial historical evidence which challenges familiar assumptions about the life of Jesus and the epic rise of Christianity.

Judaism 101
Online encyclopedia of Judaism covering beliefs, the people, places, language, scripture and much more.

The Bible Gateway
Search the Bible as a database by textual references or passage. You can also turn scripture references into hyperlinks in your own Web pages by referring to the gateway in your HTML code.

RE Online
Web resources for teaching and learning.

A progressive religion well ahead of its time when it was founded over 500 years ago, the Sikh religion today has a following of over 20 million people worldwide and is ranked as the world's fifth largest religion.

The Sistine Chapel
A virtual tour of the Sistine Chapel.

The Salvation Army
News and information from the world wide organisation.