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Atomic Archive
Explores the complex history surrounding the invention of the atomic bomb - a crucial turning point for all mankind.

British Library Online Gallery
A showcase of over 30,000 images and sounds from the British Library, featuring collections, virtual exhibitions and themed tours.

Powys: A Day in the Life
This innovative digital history project explores life in Powys in 1891, and compares this with the present day. Also available in Welsh.

A Vision Of Britain Through Time
Take a look at British life between 1801 and 2001 through maps, searchable records and historical descriptions.

British Newspaper Archive
Online archive from the British Library which can be searched by title and date to display that day's front page. Select articles on the newspaper to display a larger version which can then be read in detail.

Domesday Book
The Domesday Book is one of our earliest surviving public records. Search and download images of the pages and learn how and why it was created.

A Guide to the 20th Century
In the tradition of Channel 4's Time Traveller's Guides, here is a guide to the last century, covering conflicts, ideas, political movements, the arts, work and science and technology.

High Street History
Take a journey down our typical High Street and get some pointers on how to decode the history of your own town.

Focus on Film
Presents film as a historical source and considers its advantages and disadvantages as evidence for the past. How far does film present an accurate record of an event?

Tells the story of the Welsh emigrants who settled in Patagonia, South America, during the late 19th century. Their aim was to settle in a place where they would be able to live and worship freely as Welsh people, and preserve their language and traditions.

British Battles from Crimea to Korea
This exhibition selects four British battles spanning a period of almost 100 years and using documents, pictures and text, describes how and why Britain was at war.

History Learning Site
Comprehensive site covering many topic of world history, from Ancient Rome to the role of women in the 20th Century.

Industrial Revolution: Changing Landscapes 1700-1850
The Industrial Revolution was a time of massive change but not only in industry, society itself was also transformed.

National Army Museum
From the medieval Battle of Agincourt to the present day, the British Army has had an impact on the story of Britain, Europe and the world.

You in 1905
Get a snapshot of your life as it might have been had you been living in 1905.

Life Onboard HMS Victory
A historical and interactive insight into life on HMS Victory under the command of Admiral Lord Nelson.

Old Maps
Find out where your ancestors used to live - or check out what your town looked like a hundred years ago at Britain's most extensive digital historical map archive.

UK Battlefields Resource Centre
Covers battlefields in the UK from the Celtic to the Stuart era. Included are maps, aerial photos, images and resources that are essential reading for anyone intending a visit to a battlefield site in the UK.

Birmingham Stories
Although focussing on Birmingham's past, this site includes some excellent features on manufacturing during World War II and the inventions that originated from the midlands city.

UK National Inventory of War Memorials
Search the records of war memorials located throughout the United Kingdom commemorating all wars fought by the British Army.

History Essentials
Plenty of activities and worksheets in this lively site that covers history from the age of ancient Egypt to life after World War II.

Heroes and Villains
Love them or hate them, learn more about some of the most significant people from the recent past from original documents, photos and film.

Walk Through Time
Explore streets, houses and the people of the Roman, Viking, Tudor and Victorian ages and up to the 1950s, using games and activities.

Crime and Punishment
Discover how crime, punishment and policing evolved from the Middle Ages to the present day.

The British Empire
For the last 400 years Britain played a key role in the world mainly because of its empire. How and why did the British Empire become so important?

BBC: History Trails
Articles, games, activities and quizzes that help make sense of the past and the sources that made history.

BM & AG for Kids
Join Wally at the Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery for some exciting discoveries and historical facts from Ancient Greece to World War II.

Time Traveller's Guide to Napoleon's Empire
All you need to know, from Napoleon's seizure of power in 1799 to his exile in 1815, plus background information on the French revolution.

Castles of the World
A huge database of information on castles around the globe.

Castell Henllys
An Iron Age fort under excavation in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park.

Swansea Heritage
Explore the cultural heritage of Swansea using material held by the Swansea Museum Service with access to areas of the collection which are not on display.

Warrior Challenge
What kind of warrior would YOU make? Fight as a Roman soldier, arm a knight or learn how the Vikings sailed the seas.
The world's largest directory of people, organisations and places associated with British history.

Discover the history of the Penllergare estate, which at its height was an outstanding example of a picturesque, romantic landscape created for the enjoyment of its owners.

School History
Innovative and exciting ideas for the use of ICT in secondary school history.

Historic Figures
Search alphabetically for biographies of the movers and shakers of history, from Prince Albert to Christopher Wren.

GCSE Bitesize - History
Revision exercises from the BBC.

Explore Parliament
Much more than just the history of Parliament, this comprehensive site also covers the procedures, laws and people involved in the UK's seat of government.
Huge database puts over 25,000 of the greatest lives - past and present - at your fingertips.

The British Monarchy
Features the history of the Crown, and a profile of each monarch from the Anglo-Saxon kings to today's House of Windsor.

War Times Journal
Massive military history site featuring collections of military despatches, memoirs and photographs and includes articles and commentary on battles, people, technology and tactics.

Dic Penderyn
A short history of the life and death of Richard Lewis - better known as Dic Penderyn - who was hanged in 1831 following the Merthyr Insurrection.

Spartacus Educational
Information-packed site covering British and World history.

The History Channel
The online version of the TV channel.

Biographies of British Monarchs from Britannia.